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Studies Of Highway Skew Slab - Bridges With Curbs

Laboratory Research

February, 1950 Part II : Laboratory Research Vol. 47 N° 46 79 pages Introduction : Object and Scope of Investigation Acknowledgment Outline of Tests Nomenclature Definition of Terms Description of Tests Specimens And Apparatus : Description Of Prototype Structures Design of Model Structures Construction Of Model Structures Lifting Of Bridges at Corners Materials of Construction Loading Apparatus Strain - Measuring Apparatus Description Of Laboratory Tests : Types and Purposes os Tests Tests on Uncracked Structures Cracking Of Test Strucutures Tests On Craked Structures Test Data And Interpretation Of Results : General Comments Strains in Uncracked Structures Concrete Cracking Dead - Load Strains In Cracked Structures Live-Load Strains In Cracked Structures Capacity Tests Summary Of Results : Preliminary Remarks Tests on Uncracked Bridges Live - Load Tests on Cracked Bridges Capacity Tests Conclusions
editorial: Laboratory Research
categoría: 30
etiquetas: studies of highway skew slab - bridges with curbs

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